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Looking back at 2020

January 1st, 2021. I can hardly believe this is a day to post. I actually meant to do it yesterday, but even at the last minute, 2020 got in the way. So here it goes: a click for some thoughts on the year just finished: Looking back at 2020

What happens after covid-19?

I’m not the only one thinking about what will happen to the art world after this pandemic, am I? But here are some of my thoughts: What happens after covid-19

Brazilian art world update, April 2019

One year later and with a new president, how is the Brazilian art market keeping up? Click for some information: Brazilian art world update, April 2019

Welcome to Rio, Casa Roberto Marinho!

How nice it feels to have such a nice new art institution in Rio. Click for a brief sample of what’s in it: Casa Roberto Marinho

SP-Arte 2018: doing just fine

With the country still in turmoil, how’s SP-Arte doing? Click to see some data: SP-Arte 2018

Update 2017: Trends for Brazilian living artists selling at international auctions

What has happened to the international market for Brazilian artists in 2017? Click to see: Update 2017 – trends for Brazilian living artists

Pleasantly surprised again

And I keep on being surprised and feeling happy. Click for more exhibitions I enjoyed: Pleasantly surprised again

The pleasure of new art

Seeing good work from new people is very uplifting. Click for a few of my recent experiences: The pleasure of new art

The power of art to heal the world

Does art have any special quality to reach people? Click for some of my thoughts on The power of art to heal the world

Art, combinations and relationships… or the different ways for a pair of artists to work on a project

How many ways are there for different pairs of artists to develop a common project? Click for ideas from two pairs of artists: Art, combinations and relationships

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