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The pleasure of new art

Seeing good work from new people is very uplifting. Click for a few of my recent experiences: The pleasure of new art

The power of art to heal the world

Does art have any special quality to reach people? Click for some of my thoughts on The power of art to heal the world

Art, combinations and relationships… or the different ways for a pair of artists to work on a project

How many ways are there for different pairs of artists to develop a common project? Click for ideas from two pairs of artists: Art, combinations and relationships

SP-Arte 2017: overcoming difficult times

Times are tough, but we’ll get over it. Click to read a brief review of this year’s São Paulo art fair: SP-Arte 2017

My favourite things: On being an artist, by Michael Craig-Martin

Reading recommendation. Click for a short opinion on Michael Craig-Martin’s: On being an artist

Freedom is not free

Reflections on education, art and museums. Click to read about an ‘educational’ experience I had in an art museum: Freedom is not free

Male vs Female: Brazilian artists abroad

Is there a gender gap for Brazilian artists selling abroad? Click to see comparison of auction sales between male and female living artists: Male vs Female – Brazilian artists abroad

My favourite things: Lucian Freud’s portraits

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens… Click to read about my falling in love with Freud’s portraits: My favourite things

Room for growth

It doesn’t look too good, but we can change this. Click to see recent trends for Brazilian living artists selling at international auctions: room-for-growth

On equality

We still have a long way to go. Click to see how the top end of the art world is distributed: on-equality

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