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What a year

2021 is coming to and end and… click to see What a year it was!

Looking back at 2020

January 1st, 2021. I can hardly believe this is a day to post. I actually meant to do it yesterday, but even at the last minute, 2020 got in the way. So here it goes: a click for some thoughts on the year just finished: Looking back at 2020

What happens after covid-19?

I’m not the only one thinking about what will happen to the art world after this pandemic, am I? But here are some of my thoughts: What happens after covid-19

My art-year in review – 2019

What went on this past year? Click for a glimpse of the international market for Brazilian contemporary art and for my exhibition highlights: My art-year in review – 2019

Brazilian art world update, April 2019

One year later and with a new president, how is the Brazilian art market keeping up? Click for some information: Brazilian art world update, April 2019

Simply Lorenzato

What is it that makes some art works appeal to us? Aesthetics, meaning, exuberance, feat… Click for the power of: Simply Lorenzato

Welcome to Rio, Casa Roberto Marinho!

How nice it feels to have such a nice new art institution in Rio. Click for a brief sample of what’s in it: Casa Roberto Marinho

SP-Arte 2018: doing just fine

With the country still in turmoil, how’s SP-Arte doing? Click to see some data: SP-Arte 2018

Update 2017: Trends for Brazilian living artists selling at international auctions

What has happened to the international market for Brazilian artists in 2017? Click to see: Update 2017 – trends for Brazilian living artists

Pleasantly surprised again

And I keep on being surprised and feeling happy. Click for more exhibitions I enjoyed: Pleasantly surprised again

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